A.L.I.C.E. Report

ALICE refers to the population in our communities that are Asset Limited, IncomeConstrained, Employed.  The ALICE population represents those among us who are working, but due to child care costs, transportation challenges, high cost of living and so much more are living paycheck to paycheck.  Click here for the 2017 United Way ALICE Report: Florida and to learn more.

Financial Stability

To understand lasting change, we must first understand the population of families that are working hard but still falling short. The United Way ALICE Report was created to better understand this challenged, and often overlooked population. The Report provides the most comprehensive depiction to-date of financial needs across Florida that will clarify the complex challenges ALICE faces along with the detailed analysis and data that explains why so many are struggling.

Intuitively, we have long-known that there is significantly greater need than the typical portrait painted of Florida, with its high median income and low poverty rates. But, intuition is not enough. United Way believes in a research-based model in order to identify and best respond to the needs of our communities. Through the statistics gathered in the United Way ALICE Report, we will be able to identify the needs most pressing: child care, food, housing, financial stability, transportation, etc. We want to understand the causes of the problems, so that we can have greater impact. We aim to provide objective, comprehensive data that can be used for serious policy planning in every arena.

ALICE is a real and significant part of our community; when we ignore ALICE, we risk the future well-being of our communities.

While it is true that ALICE has existed long before this study, it was not until the release of this study that there was a way to discuss the plight of these households in a common conversation, nonetheless quantify them.

United Way alone cannot change community conditions for ALICE. That is why we are using this data to engage corporations, faith-based organizations, government entities, and concerned citizens in a dialogue about how to help change the course for ALICE through EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY and HEALTH.

We hope you share our concern for this growing segment and how their everyday struggles reach beyond personal trials to impact the wider community. We all have a vested interest in improving conditions for ALICE. And, we all have a part to play in the solution. Please join us in raising awareness about ALICE and stimulating a fresh dialogue among community leaders about how, together, we can provide ALICE an opportunity to succeed. -Share - Advocate - Collaborate-

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