FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card

Save Money on Prescription Medication Using the FREE FamilyWize Discount Card

Forty percent of people in the United States in the last two years have either skipped filling a prescription or reduced doses because the medicine was too expensive. To address this, United Way of Marion County has joined more than 600 United Way agencies and other community partners from across the country to distribute free FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards. To date, residents of Marion County have saved an estimated $1 million by using the FamilyWize cards! 
What is the FamilyWize card and who can use it?
  • The FamilyWize card reduces the cost of medications by an average of 35 percent or $20 per prescription.
  • Anyone can use the card. People simply give a card to the pharmacist with the prescription from their doctor.
  • There is no enrollment, eligibility, paperwork or fee and no personal information is collected or shared. One card is good for the entire family and it is valid for five years.
  • The discount varies by medication and the pharmacist will apply the discount automatically. People will save 8 times out of 10 over the pharmacy price. The only time there is no discount is when the pharmacy price is already lower, because people always pay the lowest price.
  • These cards can be used by everyone in our community, not just people without insurance. For people with health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, the card can still be used during deductible periods, for medications not covered by their plan, and during the "doughnut hole" of Medicare Part D.
How does the card work? 
Ninety-five percent of pharmacies nationwide accept the FamilyWize prescription drug discount card. The savings on the cost of the medicine is provided by the pharmacies. They have agreed to offer prices for medications that are close to the prices they make available to large insurance companies and employers. All other program costs are provided by in-kind donations from the program sponsors and by part of the processing fee included in the cost of the medicine.
To request your card today, visit our office or simly dial 2-1-1!
For more information, please visit the Familwize website. 
On the Familywize website you can:
  • Learn more about the program
  • Search a list of participating pharmacies
  • Print a FamilyWize card
  • Lookup drug prices