Helping Seniors Live Independently

Blanche O'Brien is a 98-year-old, Ocala resident who gratefully benefits from the Meals on Wheels program.  Blanche's story is a very similar one to many others who receive Meals on Wheels--they are older, live alone and just don't have the support or resources to have consistent, good, nutritious meals.  Even though Blanche is nearing 100 she is extremely mobile and very smart and has the best stories that she enjoys sharing with others.  Her daughter is the one who told her about Meals on Wheels knowing that she would feel better if she knew her mom was getting some meals and that someone was checkin on her regularly.

Blanche said she doesn't mind cooknig but it is so nice to have a meal prepared for her.  She said that right now she only gets meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but may one day get it daily. she said her favorite part of getting the meals "believe it or not I really look forward to talking with the driver when they come by."  Not only has Meals on Wheels given Blanche healthy meals for almost a year, but she has the security knowing someone will be coming by three times a week to just check in on her wellbeing.