Community Partnership School

College Park Elementary School is now Marion County's first Community Partnership School.  

The Community Partnership School™ model is based on a strategy of forming a long-term partnership among four core partners- a school district, a university or college, a community-based nonprofit and a healthcare provider as well as others.

This comprehensive model of a community school leverages the social and institutional capital of partners, making it possible for for the school to offer resources and services that address the needs identified by the community. The goal is to remove barriers to learning and provide built-in support so students can achieve academic success and lifelong prosperity.

Our goals include school readiness, student academic success, physical social and emotional health and parent and community engagement. We will grow and build to offer extended services, extended hours and extended relationships. We will provide a safe space for participants to study, learn, live, connect and thrive

Mission Statement: Caring for the community one person at a time by Connecting, Teaching and Supporting.

We provide support and meet the needs of the broader community while encouraging opportunities for the community to cultivate the school and for the school to feed the community. We provide support through:


Programs for Parental Opportunities: The Marion County Literacy Council will soon resume classes for English Language on campus in the evenings. 


Extended Learning Access for Students: College Park is an extended hour school, so students already receive an extra hour a day of instruction. While parents and families are receiving English Language classes, students will be invited to advance fluency and vocabulary interventions. 


Social and Behavior Support: Students will benefit from exposure to mental health stability and ongoing support with a consistent therapist. 


Accessibility to Health and Wellness Services: A School Health Programs coordinator will integrate various wellness programs and services through the Community Partnership School. Ocala Health, one of our core partners has donated health education posters and are readily available to provide physicals when needed. 


Resources to Address Basic Needs: Such as clothing, backpacks, food, school supplies and hygiene are all stored and available in the Husky Den thanks to the generosity of the College Park staff, community and community partners.


The Community Partnership School is a uniting force to help our students succeed. If you have any questions, please contact Caron Reid, Director, Community Partnership School 352-291-4057.