Publix Donation Spurs Learning


Publix Employees holding check



MARION COUNTY, FL - September 14, 2022 - United Way of Marion County received $62,746.22 from Publix Super Markets register campaign, Tools for Back to School, to ensure that Marion County students have adequate school supplies and can engage in after-school activities. The Public Education Foundation of Marion County and the Community Partnership School at College Park Elementary, powered by United Way, will share the gift. The funds are from customers and Publix associates who gave to the campaign during checkout.


"Through our Foundation's Tools 4 Teaching program, the $50,000 donation will purchase the most needed school supplies for our teachers to equip their classrooms and, most importantly, their students," said Public Education Foundation Executive Director Meghan Magamoll.


"We're proud to collaborate with local educational charities that help kids focus on what's most important - learning" said Hannah Herring, Publix media relations manager. "By doing good together, we can help students receive the tools they need to excel toward their education goals."


The Community Partnership School at College Park Elementary is very thankful to receive $12,746.22 from Publix. Community Partnership Director Caron Reid explained the donation would fuel after-school engagement activities, an identified need following a 2021 assessment.


"Thanks to Publix and their generous customers, we will be able to purchase art and classroom supplies for our students to use in after-school activities," said Reid. "When we expand our student's experiences and encourage parent participation, we build motivated learners and new vocabulary, not to mentions time management and teamwork."