ReadingPals Volunteers Receive Recognition from The President

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President's Service Awards

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     On Wednesday, April 19th United Way of Marion County celebrated the contributions of ReadingPals in 2022. New this year, United Way became a certifying organization for the Points of Light President’s Volunteer Service Award. This award is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States. Established by Executive order by President George W. Bush, the award was established to honor volunteers that gave hundreds of hours per year through the President’s council on service and civic participation. There are three levels of awards, bronze, silver, and gold, based on hours of service in a 12-month period. Each honoree was given a certificate, a letter from the President and a medal.  

The bronze award was given to Mary Ann Altman ( 116 Hours), Judy Bingham (116 Hours),Ann Goodwin ( 122 hours),Cheryle Hogeland ( 122 hours), Karen Reed ( 157 Hours), Lin Tuite ( 120 hours), Robin Wayne (135 hours), Paul Altman (113 hours), Catha Gent ( 145 hours), Pat Palmer (141 hours), Pam Ruder (171 hours), Erma Sebexen (119 hours),Carole Spangler ( 119 hours) and John Teuscher (130 hours). 

The silver award is given to volunteers who have provided over 250 hours of service. With 305 hours of service this award was given to Tonya Satryb

The gold award is given to volunteers who have provided over 500 hours of service. With 604 hours of service this award was given to Chris Riopel. 

The service of the above individuals along with the other 100 plus volunteers makes a difference in the life of a child. This happens in kindergarten classrooms in 18 schools in Marion County during the school day. Join our team to make a difference! 

ReadingPals Volunteers 2023
    ReadingPals Volunteers at The Luncheon with their presidents awards in April, 2023 [Jordyn Riley/United Way of Marion County].