We Are Proud To Announce Our New Resource and Development Team

New Resource and Development Team Hits The Ground Running

We at The United Way of Marion County have added a great addition to our organization. Since their first month, the Resource and Development team has been energetic and showing great enthusiasm. They have been productive from day one and achieved immediate success by making significant progress from where the company was upon their start date.

Niki Tripodi has demonstrated leadership, presence, and wisdom and has done a great job steering the team in the right direction. With her culmination of work experience, she has also been very resourceful. She has been geared toward building a stronger community while challenging constituents to learn more about what the united way mission means in today's society.

Jordyn Riley brings to the table a competitive spirit that drives everyone to be better, and deliver a higher level of performance and he ultimately lifts everyone up to be the best version of themselves on any given day. With his educational background, he has been innovative in the way he uses marketing strategies, leaving more of a digital footprint to bridge the gap between the community and our organization.

Yeralin Martinez has been able to engage with our donors and the community seamlessly, and with her networking experience, she has been able to gain and maintain our donor relationships. Her passion for her work and the less fortunate in the community along with the United Way mission is what compels our donors to become more involved with our organization. Together they are well-prepared, proactive, and ready to take action without any delays or setbacks and we are excited to have them on board.