Our Funded Partners

United Way of Marion County is committed to advancing the common good by forging strong relations with Partner Agencies. Together, these partnerships are dedicated to improving lives in the areas of Education, Financial Stability and Health. Whether we partner with agencies through funding, volunteer efforts or advocacy, our partners are vital lifelines within the communities we work and live.
Partner Agencies help to provide health and human care services through our Community Care Fund. Health and human service programs ensure the safety of all individuals by providing aid in times of crisis. Together, our collective goal is to create long-lasting and measurable changes that improve the quality of life for struggling individuals, families and children throughout Marion County.

Vision Councils

To lead work in the areas of Education, Financial Stability and Health, United Way has Vision Councils that are comprised of strategically recruited members who have expertise or an identified skill set benefical to the target issues of that Vision Council. Members are local experts on the issue, direct service providers, community representatives and will include represenation from the United Way Board of Directors.