Pebbles Vance

Strong Families Director

In 1993, I began working in the nonprofit area to assist families in housing and the financial education area of budget, credit and pre purchase planning.  As my passion grew to assist in building a stronger community, I also worked my way up to VP of Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Mid Florida, with expanding my knowledge in Data, IT, Grant writing and as Certified Counselor Roll to assist in training, quality assurance and expanding the educational classes in Marion County, as well as expanding my education over those amazing 20 years.  The passion expanded even after leaving for another nonprofit HUD Certified agency to expand and assist local families in finding housing, jobs and working out a detailed action plan to reach their financial goals at NHDC, as this covered and expanded my area from Alachua, Levy, Citrus. Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Putnam and Marion County.  With building report to track all areas  to expand funding, as well as tracking all documentations to expand the area and pin point locations in the most need of our support.   Then in 2018, I received an amazing offer to come work for United Way of Marion County to start the Dunnellon Strong Families program and expand from the beginning with local partners, presenters, location, Daycare and caterers.  While sharing my knowledge to educate each family with 15 weeks of classes and one full year to expand their goals to a stronger financial future.  This is my passion job with expanding the knowledge, assistance and watching each family reach their financial goals for a Stronger Financial Future and sharing my own knowledge, organizational skills and partnerships to build a stronger generation, with thirty family a year.

Use it or lose it!  “My father always said this and it stuck with me, for I share this saying with my families all the time”

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